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Property owners were having trust issues with the room rate policy of RedDoorz. Some were questioning why it was too low, some also admitted that their revenue was not as expected because of the promo conducted by RedDoorz and other OTAs.

We designed the feature to strengthen the trust of property partners by giving them transparency and freedom to change their room rate based on data. It would also reduce inefficiency from previous work flow, where technical services need to consult with the commerce team before approving the requests.


  • Increasing customer satisfaction (NPS)
  • Decreasing the tickets for out-of-range room rate
Client Name


Release Date

September 28, 2022

Project Types

Mobile App

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Our Products

GROW with RedDoorz is a performance analytics app for property partners. The Price Benchmark feature is an improvement that enables users to check daily ideal range for
a property room rate. Users can request room rate change by contacting the technical service via the available button.

My Roles

  • Interviewing a property partner to identify problems
  • Interview a property manager to validate problems
  • Prioritize problems and solutions using RICE framework
  • Conceptualize solution and consult its feasibility with data engineer and backend developer
  • Create go-to-market strategy and write press release


  • Empathy Mapping
  • User Persona
  • Customer Journey Map
  • Opportunity Canvas
  • Product Roadmap
  • Go-To-Market Strategy