Jenius Ideathon

3rd Winner out of 190+ contestants

From interviews and surveys my team conducted, we found that most of the target users (93%) were familiar with environmental issues and to a certain extent already contributed to the causes. 

However, they were unable to contribute consistently because it requires a lot of effort, especially because of the fact that eco-friendly lifestyles are not common yet in Indonesia.

While there are a lot of features/products that provide solutions, e.g. carbon tracker, carbon off-set, sustainable investment, we found that they only targeted specific personas: the one who is already familiar with the issues. 

And, we realized that when it comes to the environment: the more, the better. We wanted to reach more and more people to contribute to the causes.


  • Increase retention of the existing user base
  • Acquire new users from specific target persona
Client Name

Jenius Co.Create (BTPN)

Release Date

October 30, 2022

Project Types

Mobile App

Our Products

The new feature combined customer loyalty program in form of point rewards with environmental causes.

My Roles

  • Identified problems through interviews, surveys, and desk research
  • Conducted competitor analysis to identify gaps and opportunities
  • Conceptualized feature by also considering legal aspects and bank financial statements
  • Created financial simulations to ensure feature viability and feasibility


  • Customer Persona
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Business Model