Pinhome Home Service

From surveys and in-depth interviews, we found out that 60% of customers plan to reorder the service outside the app by asking Rekan Jasa personal contact

Although certain measures were already implemented to tackle the problem, like giving vouchers and quality insurance, we found out that the app still fails to facilitate trust building between Rekan Jasa and customers.

By giving the customers the ability to choose their Rekan Jasa, we plan to eliminate any concerns related to safety and lack of competency especially for first-time users. It would also increase the likelihood for customers to reorder the service from the app.


  • Increase number of first completed order
  • Decrease churn rate
  • Increasing customer satisfaction (NPS)
Client Name


Release Date

August 20, 2022

Project Types

Mobile App

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Our Products

Pinhome Home Service is an app that digitally connects providers of various home services (e.g. massage, home cleaning, AC and vehicle maintenance, etc) to customers.

The proposed feature aims to help customers to choose their service providers a.k.a Rekan Jasa based on their preference.

My Roles

  • Conducted in-depth interviews and surveys
  • Prioritized problems and solutions
  • Interviewed users for usability testing
  • Created customer segments
  • Oversaw end to end of process of product creation


  • Market Research
  • RICE
  • Kano Model
  • Product Requirement Document
  • Product Roadmap
  • Usability Testing
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Customer Segment